Rewards System: PA points and Rep Points

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Rewards System: PA points and Rep Points

Post  asianboycalvin on Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:46 pm

Now there are no Reputation Points. They made everything complicated. So we're sticking with the PA points

OK the PA points are a reward system for contributing to the site.
For every chat message you should get 1 PA point.
For every message in the forums in "EVERYTHING", you should get 1 PA point
For starting a new thread in the forums in EVERYTHING, you should get 3 PA points.
For every profile message, you should get 1 PA point
For every friend, you get 5 PA points
Every day since ur registered, you get 1 point per day.

Study Guide= 100 PA points.
Refer a new friend to the website= 50 PA points
Major Contributions= Depends on your donation
Also...the FIRST to post the study guide gets the points...the others get half of the study guide points (50)
If you spot a correction for a study guide, post it, we will try to get you 3 points.

Don't forget, you can also donate points to others if you feel like doing so.
PA points help you level up.

Just to let everyone know, this may be edited in the future.


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